3 Cartas de amor en inglés

Hoy traemos algo diferente, unas bellas cartas de amor en inglés, para sorprender con los hermosos sentimientos que hacen que tu corazón vibre a causa de esa persona especial, tenemos 3 modelos de cartas largas para impactar a ese/a chico/a. Deseamos desde lo más profundo puedas expresar todo lo que sientes.

Cartas de amor en inglés #1

Con esta carta de amor en inglés vamos a fijarnos en una historia de profundo amor, pero por circunstancias de la vida no pueden estar juntos, pero se escribe claramente es que la persona enamorada siempre será para la otra. 

Today I want to shout, cry, but I would like to laugh, fill my eyes with light and not tears. It was so much that I walked without even taking your hand, but there was the path traced in depth, open to what each day you wanted to offer me.

I felt so much love that it overflowed my soul, while yours emptied without realizing it. I don’t know whether to remember your eyes, your voice, or your caresses. I don’t know whether to shed your life in those beautiful things that you gave to my life. I do not know what weighs more, whether the moments by your side or the pain that I carry within.

I loved in many ways, maybe I was just looking for your happiness and neglected other aspects of love. But isn’t love happiness? Who can say now that that word in the dictionary has a different meaning?

I remember each letter, verses that had a name and only one purpose: to caress your soul. My hands were restless to impregnate what my soul said to my thought, there was no mistake in those letters that gradually joined, forming for you in the distance, the union of two hearts, ours.

Today, on this night of loneliness, cold and memories, I want to tell you what I never told you, kiss you when I didn’t do it and embrace you so tight that you feel like I would never want to leave your life. I would take care of you, I would tickle you, I would tell you a story and in your chest I would sleep. Tonight, only in dreams, I will look for your name and think that this desire is a reality.

I love you and I will always love you, in my soul, in the distance and in my inner place.
Yours forever!

Cartas de amor en inglés #2

En una de las cartas de amor en inglés, vemos este digno ejemplo de admiración profunda por una bella mujer, la cual es como un ángel en la tierra, es todo lo perfecto en la humanidad que resulta demasiado complicado de creer, pues ya las personas no suelen ser ángeles buenos.

I have met an angel, a being of incomparable beauty and an enormous heart full of life and hope. This angel, of unquestionable goodness and compassion, offers peace to all who are lucky enough to know of his existence. Moreover, this precious being offers his friendship in exchange for very little… of respect. Many people doubt the existence of such beings, I pity them, I know one. The only angel without wings, the only angel who lives among human beings, the only angel who does not know that it is. That angel my child, it’s you.

I did not know how to start a letter of admiration for you. And that’s what I’m going to talk about in this letter, what I think of you and what I’ve seen in these months. Naturally, I have to apologize for a lot of things, and that’s how I’ll start:
I’m sorry I fell in love. Sometimes when you love a person it’s because of something or fate brings them together. I wish so much I could have you around, and tell you many things that you would fall in love with me.

You are a great golden person, don’t ever doubt that and always keep it in mind. You are sincere in a world where falsehood intoxicates everything. You are legal and you show it every day. You are a tremendously calm woman, but with an inner fire and a spirit that I have never seen in anyone. You say what you think and leave no doubt about what you believe. You respect people as they are. I have come to see, in you, a solid inner sense of reality that keeps your temper under control.

Cartas de amor en inglés #3

La siguiente carta de amor en inglés demuestra el amor a pesar de la distancia, el amor después de una mirada y el intenso cariño que existe entre los dos, pese a la distancia que algún día se espera pueda terminar.

I am very happy since I met you, without realizing it, little by little I am in paradise, with this feeling that makes me very happy and is called LOVE.

I know when it started… it was an incredible crush, and with my consent, I gave you appropriated my loneliness, my kisses, my heart and at least it. I was hoping, you made me see your beautiful heart, you show me once again that in life there’s always a reason to start over.

My love, you give me the strength I need to move forward and make our dreams come true, I promise you, I will fight until we are together. But my promise, when we are together, will continue, because it also includes making you happy always.

I LOVE YOU, I love it when you call me with your manly but sweet voice, my child! But the distance that separates us makes me crazy, I suffer at every moment not being able to share with you our side
day by day but I trust, as our love is so strong and will always be, that soon we will be able to end the distance and live together as we dreamed. I wish that this next Valentine’s Day we can be together as we deserve and enjoy our love.

I will never tire of telling you these words! I LOVE YOU!


Esperamos que estas cartas de amor en inglés te hayan encantado y puedas compartirlo a ese ser tan especial. Y como todo ser especial e inigualable se merece mucho más, por qué no dedicarle un bello verso y tener con el/ella este precioso detalle, un Lovebox Colo y Foto (Mensajero con notas de amor).